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https://m.facebook.com/story.php… Today 10th December Campagin to Free Political Prisoners in Iran is inviting you to ask ‘Zeid Rad Al Hussein’ ,head of the UN Human Rights Commission,  why not pressure the Islamic regime in Iran for the release of political prisoners? Why Arash and golrokh are not free? Why they do not any reactions to the […]

14045944_1191620987562119_5652728980291487069_n International Journal with Shiva Mahboobi and Sarvar Kardar

Conversation With International Journal with Shiva Mahboobi and Sarvar Kardar about campaign to free political prisoners in Iran. http://rowzane.com/interview/article=68473

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                                          Our vision is that freedom of speech is not a privilege but a fundamental right. We believe that freedom of speech should apply to everyone regardless of their race, religion, belief, gender, sexual orientation or […]

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