Thursday, 10 November 2016
Today 10 December,Human Right Day,Do not forget to twit and send massage
Today 10 December,Human Right Day,Do not forget to twit and send massage


Today 10th December Campagin to Free Political Prisoners in Iran15380344_1300890353301848_3902200020070994703_n

is inviting you to ask ‘Zeid Rad Al Hussein’ ,head of the UN Human Rights Commission,  why not pressure the Islamic regime in Iran for the release of political prisoners? Why Arash and golrokh are not free? Why they do not any reactions to the hunger strike Arash Sadeghi, Saeed Shirzad, Amir Amirqholy, Behnam Musyvand and other prisoners?!

Be the voices of the prisoners .

You can get your message through Twitter and Facebook

Sample twites:

@Rouhani_ir @UNHumanRights @Asma_Jahangir #HumanRightsDay#FreeArashSadeghi #FreeGolrokh #Iran

Rouhani_ir @UNHumanRights @Asma_Jahangir @UNHumanRights #Arash #Sadeghi 45 days on hunger strike #Iran #FreeArash#FreeGolrokh

Rouhani_ir @UNHumanRights @Asma_Jahangir @UNHumanRights government in #Iran responsible for #Arash #Sadeghi’s life

Rouhani_ir @UNHumanRights @Asma_Jahangir @UNHumanRights #FreeArash #FreeGolrokh READ:

@UNHumanRights @Asma_Jahangir Ask #Zeid why they don’t pressurise #Iran regime to Free Political Prisoners

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