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The power of your voice ( In related to 20th of June 2016 )
The power of your voice ( In related to 20th of June 2016 )


For over three decades one regime has held an entire country hostage. A country where freedom is only heard of but rarely experienced. A country where minority groups are harassed, women are second class citizens and being gay is an offence punishable by death. A country where fear, violence, torture and death are used to silence anyone who dares to speak up. A nation that despite the suppression, have been fighting to gain their rights for freedom. A country called Iran.
Since the Islamic regime took over in Iran in 1979, thousands of innocent men and women, young boys and girls have been silenced for having the courage to believe in freedom.
The never ending nightmare
Beatings, solitary confinement, weeks and months without contact with another human being, crawling on broken glass, electric shocks to the genitals, rape, mock executions… this is not taken from a horror film. This is everyday life for thousands of political prisoners in Iran. Imagine waking up every morning only to be reminded that last night’s nightmare is there waiting for you like a loyal friend. Imagine it becomes so horrendous you welcome death with open arms to relieve you of the pain. Thousands of men and women and juveniles as young as 12 do not have to imagine. They live it.
These are some of the “lucky” ones. Lucky because their families know they are still alive and where they are. Thousands of other families have to wake up every morning wondering what happened to their loved ones. No place to go to seek help or even a grave to visit. The unknown becomes their own prison.
About the 20 June protest
20 June is the International Day in Support of Political Prisoners in Iran. Why 20 June?
In 1979, the current regime hijacked the revolution in Iran and imposed their theocratic authoritarian power on millions of people. On 20 June 1981 the regime started waves of mass arrests, tortures, and executions: 300-500 people were executed every day, some for merely reading opposition handouts.
The parents of those executed were never informed of their children’s grave.
On 20June 2009, following the so-called “election” of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets. Amongst those attending the demonstrations was Neda Agha-Soltan (a 27-year-old philosophy student) who was shot to death by the snipers of the Islamic regime in Tehran. More than 500 were arrested on that day.
Can my single voice really make a difference?
The answer to that is yes. Yes it can.
Over and over, history has shown us that when we stand together, we can bring about change, “untouchable” dictators and war criminals, we can even bring down an entire regime. It has happened before, it is happening today in many parts of the world and it can happen again if we stand together.
The violent regime in Iran will stop at nothing to remain in power. They have silenced the voices of thousands and built cement walls to try to keep the screams silenced. But complete silence is never possible. Join us today and show that when united chains can be broken.
Be the voice of a political prisoner in Iran.

Get involved :
Contact us today and lend your voice to those that have been robbed of theirs.
sign a petition:      https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/BE_Their_Voice_STOP_Torture_Execution_in_Iran/?pv=11
Freedom is not a privilege, but a fundamental human right!
The power of your voice


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