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The Statement of 20th June 2015 Which Is Sent To Many International official Institutions Such As UN / EU
The Statement of 20th June 2015 Which Is Sent To Many International official Institutions Such As UN / EU


This petition is sent to the following organizations on 24 June 2014.


Catherine Ashton,

EU’s High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein,

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Martin Shulz,

The President of the European Parliament

Annemarie van der Heijden,

European Union External Action Service – Iran, Iraq and Arabian Peninsula


Ahmed Shaheed,

UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Situation in Iran


Amnesty International



All political prisoners must be freed immediately and unconditionally


20 June 2015, the International Day to Support Political Prisoners in Iran


The world needs to know and be alarmed about the crimes committed against the political prisoners in Iran by the Islamic Regime, during the last 36 years. This urgently requires our attention and action:

The number of executions that have been carried out by the regime in Iran has been on the rise since Hassan Rouhani has come to power. 

Attacks on political prisoners have deteriorated: long prison sentences; extending prisoners’ sentences after time being served; denying rights to lawyers; depriving prisoners to medical help; regular raids of prisoners’ cells have increased – all these attacks have been on the rise in the recent years.

The abuse and torture of political prisoners is routine. Increased prosecution of labour activists, student’s activists, children rights and women rights activists, religious minorities, gays, lesbians and families of political prisoners has been on the rise. 

Despite all of this many political prisoners risk their lives to openly condemn the inhuman treatment by the Islamic regime and demand that political prisoners are defended.

We appeal to the international community and its affiliated organisations not to close their eyes to these serious violations of human rights by the Islamic regime. 

We call on them to take serious, meaningful and decisive action to pressure the regime in Iran to comply with the internationally recognized human rights laws and to stop torture and execution.

On 20th June 2015, the international day to support political prisoners in Iran, We the signatories of this letter express our solidarity with all political prisoners and their families in Iran. 

We the undersigned demand that international human rights organisations pressure the Islamic regime systematically and effectively, to comply with the following demands:

  • To halt executions in Iran immediately and unconditionally. To stop all forms of torture of political prisoners.
  • To provide political prisoners with medical care and medications unconditionally 
  • To release all political prisoners
  • To end harassment and persecution of families of political prisoners
  • To end harassment, persecution and torture of lawyers who are representing political prisoners and to provide prisoners with legal advice and lawyers at all stages of their imprisonment.
  • To allowed unrestricted access of independent international human rights organisations for prison inspection. 


  1. Eghbal Moradi : Father of political prisoner Zanyar Moradi (sentenced to death(,political activist
  2. Ameneh Moradi : Mother of Father of political prisoner Zanyar Moradi (sentenced to death(
  3. Mahvash Alasvandi : head of  Mothers Against Execution – mother of Mohammad & Abdullah Fathi   (both executed ) – Canada
  4. Bijan Fathi : Mothers Against Execution – Father of Mohammad & Abdullah Fathi (both executed ) – Canada
  5. Monireh Baradaran : former political prisoner and writer
  6. Fourogh Arghavan : former political prisoner , women’s rights activist- Canada
  7. Shiva Mahbobi : former political prisoner , spokesperson for Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran(CFPPI) -UK
  8. Sarvar Kardar : former political prisoner, co-ordinator for Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran(CFPPI) – Norway
  9. Masoud Azarnoosh : former political prisoner-Canada
  10. Iraj Mesdaghi : former political prisoner, writer, political activist -Sweden
  11. Hamid Haghshenas, former political prisoner – Sweden
  12. Keyvan Javid : former political prisoner, head of the New Channel TV
  13. Ali Pichgah : family of seven people who were executed in 1981
  14. Mansour Osanlou: former political prisoner, workers’ rights activist
  15. Payam Azar : former political prisoner –France
  16. Babak Yazdi : former political prisoner, chief executive of Khavaran Association-  Canada
  17. Hassan Pooya : Founder of Khavaran Association – Canada
  18. Network Against Honour Related Violence
  19. Eric Lee, LabourStart -UK
  20. Nawal El Saadawi: feminist writer, activist, physician and psychiatrist -Egypt
  21. Campaign to free Political Prisoners in Iran ( CFPPI )
  22. Khavaran Association
  23. Mission Free Iran
  24. International Committee Against Execution
  25. Stop Child Executions
  26. Mothers Against Execution
  27. Boroujerdi Civil Rights Group
  28. Campaign to Defence Civil & Political prisoners in Iran
  29. Free Them Now- Campaign to Free Jailed Workers in Iran
  30. Worker-communist Party of Iran
  31. Campaign to support political prisoners
  32. Esmail Khoi Foundation
  33. Bamdad Cultural Association – Stockholm
  34. Payam Radio- Canada
  35. Mihan TV
  36. Children First Association
  37. Baluchistan Human Rights Group
  38. Communist Party of Iran in the Netherlands
  39. Federation of Iranian Refugees-Toronto-Canada
  40. Social Democratic Party of Iran
  41. Peter Tatchell Foundation
  42. Shahla Daneshvar : spokesperson for Free Them Now- Campaign to free Jailed Workers in Iran -UK
  43. Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay, Human rights activist-Canada
  44. Amjad Housain Panahi : Human rights Activist
  45. Mina Ahadi : head of the International Committee Against Execution- Germany
  46. Sima Mobini : human rights activist from Baha’i community
  47. Maryam Moazenzadeh : Human Rights Activist
  48. Hamid Taghvaee: leader of Worker-communist Party of Iran
  49. Manouchehr Ganji : Secretary-General, Iran Human Rights Committee
  50. Hassan Massali : President of :Action for Democracy & Human Rights in the Middle East(Non-Profit ) – U.S.A.
  51. Mazyar (Mani ) Shirali : head of the Persian LGBT Advisory Services- UK
  52. Javad Dadsetan : filmmaker
  53. Roxana Ganji : Iran freedom Activist – U.S.A.
  54. Saeed Parto : the Worker-communist Party of Iran
  55. Afsaneh Vahdat : Children First Association- Sweden
  56. Nasser Cashkouli : political activist and against execution
  57. Hiwa Sahami(Aso): Communist Party of Iran
  58. Bahram Rahmani : writer and journalist , political & socialist activist
  59. Marya Rashidi : political activist and women’s rights activist – Sweden
  60. Ahmed Fatemi- Mission Free Iran
  61. Mouhammad Zamani : political activist and spokesperson for Democratic Front
  62. Maria Rohaly- Mission Free Iran- U.S.A.
  63. Hormoz Raha : head of the International Committee Against Execution – Sweden
  64. Shahnaz moratab : head of the Federation of Iranian Refugees in Germany
  65. Bahyeh Jaylani: Journalist
  66. Amir Mehrani: human rights activist
  67. Avideh Motmaen-Far: Journalist, political and human rights activist
  68. Afshin Afshin-Jam : Human rights & political activist-Canada
  69. Houssein Lajvardi : president of Iran Researchers Association Paris- France
  70. Arshak Shojaei – Canada
  71. Asqar Karimi: Executive committee of Worker-communist Party of Iran
  72. Fariba Azar : human rights activist
  73. Saaid Shirazi : human rights activist
  74. Fariba Rad : political Activist
  75. Pirooz Pourjam
  76. Jalil Jalili : human rights activist- UK
  77. Morteza Esmailpour : journalist and Human rights activist
  78. Nasrin Besharat : head of the Committee in Defence of Women’s Rights in Iran-Canada
  79. Maasoumeh Mohammadi-nia : human rights activist
  80. Vahid Aban : secular-democrat activist- Sweden
  81. Mahin Alipour : women’s rights activist, TV producer& presenter – Sweden
  82. Fereshteh Naji Habib Zadeh : journalist and human rights activist
  83. Sima Dini : human rights activist- Canada
  84. Nazanin Broumand : member of Worker-communist Party of Iran , against dead penalty activist- Germany
  85. Mahnaz Ghozlou : researcher, political & LGBT activist- Sweden
  86. Parviz Hadadi Zadeh : political activist- U.S.A.
  87. Yaddi Mahmoudi : political activist against dead penalty- Canada
  88. Monir Emamverdi : political activist
  89. Haleh Bagher Zadeh, human rights activist- Germany
  90. Addel Ahmad : workers’ rights and communist activist- Iraq
  91. Parisa Poyandeh : political activist, head of the CFPPI in the Netherlands
  92. Adnan Rashidi: former political prisoner and human rights activist
  93. Iman Forutan : political activist –U.S.A
  94. Shadi Paveh : human rights activist – Canada
  95. Azad Saffaei : political activist
  96. Jahanbakhsh Ahmadi: political activist
  97. Fereshte Moradi: Women rights activist- The Netherlands
  98. Saeed Mafizadeh : political activist
  99. Mehran Mahboubi : human rights activist- Canada
  100. Cobra Maral & Eliasi Amaleh: human: rights activists – Sweden
  101. Saeddd Jafari, political and civil rights activist
  102. Sahand Motlagh : human rights activist
  103. Amir Reza Mashalian : human rights activist and member International Committee Against Execution
  104. Mahmoud Ahmadi : communist – Canada
  105. Satar Norizad, political activist
  106. Ashkan Razavi Tehran : member of National Front
  107. Mouhsen Ebrahimi : chairman of political bureau of Worker- communist Party of Iran
  108. Veda Ilka : head of the Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran(CFPPI) -Sweden
  109. Sarah Nakhaee : the secretary of Federation of Iranian Refugees in Stockholm-Sweden
  110. Mansour Erfan : political activist
  111. Soudabeh Mouhammad Nejad : political activist and member of International Committee Against Execution
  112. Sima Bahari : political activist – Sweden
  113. Manour Tarkashvand
  114. Khalil Keyvan, political activist
  115. Mahmoud Pakdel : political activist and member of member of International Committee Against Execution
  116. Banou Haft-Lang: political activist
  117. Mehdi Rahmani : Human Rights Activist and Member of CFPPI – UK
  118. Arezou Mashalian : political activist and member of member of International Committee Against Execution- Sweden
  119. Nasser Asqari :workers’ rights activist, writer – Canada
  120. Elias Eslami Manesh : Member of CFPPI IN Sweden
  121. Mehran Barzegari : Human rights activist
  122. Siavash Aghbari : human rights activist
  123. Fatemeh Rezaei : human rights activist
  124. Iraj Rezaei : the secretary of Federation of Iranian Refugees – Toronto- Canada
  125. Zahra Lotfi Sheikhiani : member of CFPPI- Sweden
  126. Esmaeil Fattahi : human rights activist
  127. Reza Azmoodeh: political activist – Netherlands
  128. Mahmoud Ghaedi
  129. Roy crooks – musician, Liverpool-UK
  130. Dan Richardson- web manager, Liverpool-UK
  131. Sapphira Richardson-Dr Liverpool-UK
  132. David hugs- socialist Liverpool-UK
  133. Kehinde Ross- researcher – Liverpool-UK
  134. Peter Roberts-pastor – Liverpool-UK
  135. Calvin Smith 8-TCE Everton- Liverpool-UK
  136. Iabo Ross-nurse- Liverpool-UK
  137. Mike Swanson-football coach, Liverpool-UK
  138. Simon Gilliland-civil engineer- Liverpool-UK
  139. Jenny Norwood- Liverpool-UK
  140. Rebecca Campion- Liverpool-UK
  141. Ray Mac Guinness- Liverpool-UK
  142. Blossom Ejialo – Liverpool-UK
  143. Ed Foy – photographer- Liverpool-UK
  144. Marj Foy-Teacher- Liverpool-UK
  145. Ruth Roberts-biologist- Liverpool-UK
  146. Maria Craw Ley – Liverpool-UK
  147. Chandima Hapuarachch- Liverpool-UK
  148. Ray Safar
  149. Navid mohamadi, political activist-Germany
  150. Manouchehr Shafaei
  151. Ali Sedarat
  152. Hamidreza Khosravani- member of Teachers’ Association
  153. Marjan Mir Aftabi: women’s rights activist
  154. Tahmineh Tara
  155. Minoo Fattahi
  156. Keomars Mozafari, member of National Front in Iran
  157. Maryam Karimbaygi
  158. Shahnaz Akmali
  159. Parastoo Fatemi, member of Südwind, human rights activist
  160. Monir Amamordi, political activist
  161. Nina Karimi
  162. Soleyman Sigarchi, political activist- Canada
  163. Darush Majlesi
  164. Eshrat Salimi
  165. Siamak Bahari, political activist, TV presenter- Sweden
  166. Saeed Behbehani: TV presenter and Producer
  167. Memar Sadeghi
  168. Bahman Khani, political activist, The Netherlands
  169. Farzaneh Derakhshan: political activist – Germany
  170. Abbas Khorsandi
  171. Nader Setareh
  172. Mahin Zarza
  173. Siavash Modaresi
  174. Amir Tavakoli: Co-ordinator of Rowzane News website
  175. Sousan Ahmadi
  176. Rahim Yazdanparast: political activist- Sweden
  177. Nesan Nodinian: political activist- Germany
  178. Parvin Maazi
  179. Sargol Ahmad: Women’s Activist Movement
  180. Mahsa Faalzadeh: environmental & human rights- children rights activist
  181. Babak Eidipour: labour rights and human rights activist-Sweden
  182. Abdol Golparian: Editor of Iskra weekly magazine- Finland
  183. Giti Moussavi
  184. Shirin Najafi: human rights activist
  185. Farshid Farokhnia: human rights activist –Balkans
  186. Alireza Mohsseni
  187. Kaveh Omar, Political activist
  188. Sirvan Ghaderi, political activist- UK
  189. Soheila Dalvand, political activist & coordinator of CFPPI in Ottawa-Canada
  190. Soheila Hadipour, human rights activist
  191. Soraya Fatahi
  192. Abbas Gooya, political activist-Canada
  193. Davoud Aram, politicl activist
  194. Soudabeh Khorsand
  195. Shahla Abghari , women’s rights activist
  196. Nader Chegani
  197. Siyamack Sohrabmanesh
  198. Nazi Payghambarian, supporter of Madaran Park Laleh –Stockholm-Sweden
  199. Souhrab Hesari
  200. Hassan Salehi, political activists- Sweden
  201. Dr Jalal Madani, Chairman of Social Democratic Party of Iran
  202. Peter Tatchell, human rights campaigner- UK




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