Tuesday, 8 April 2014
Speeches Afsaneh Norouzi in support of political prisoners Reihaneh Jabbar Telecast
Speeches Afsaneh Norouzi in support of political prisoners Reihaneh Jabbar Telecast

Afsaneh Norouzi woman who died eight years with the nightmare was kept in the worst conditions in the prisons of the Islamic Republic. Was sentenced to death in the worst form of torture, insult and humiliation … took the wand. Worldwide protests against the Islamic regime in Iran retreat and the legendary freedom. Afsaneh Norouzi released from prison, but he still lives with the effects of physical and psychological torture. Legend of the television program supporting contacted and R. R. Jabbar supported. Legend of the horrific torture which had suffered in prison spoke. Legend speech full of pain and yet was full of struggle and perseverance.
Afsaneh Norouzi R and R. It was loud.
Please sign the petition in support of R-Jabbar. R can help you to save.
Afsaneh Norouzi who was on death row for 8 years in prison in Iran. she was tortured severely and on this TV program with Shiva Mahbobi, Afsaneh talks about his ordeal in prison and defends the release of Reyhaneh Jabbari.


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